To empower the youth and community of Mindo, Ecuador and it's surrounding towns through educational and health programs in an effort to end poverty.

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The Miracles Program assists the students at UEFTE, a Catholic elementary and secondary boarding school in Mindo, Ecuador. We provide students with tuition assistance, technology and school supplies, along with infrastructure improvements to the school facilities.
Through an annual mission called "Miracle of Mindo" we focus intensely on the students and their overall well-being.

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The Health Program consists of a large volunteer medical team that has traveled annually to Mindo, Ecuador since 2008. Our physicians provide a broad range of specialties and services including; pediatrics, internal medicine, ob-gyn, dentistry, an eyeglass clinic, laboratory services, x-rays and mammograms. These services, along with prescription and over the counter medicines and vitamins are provided free of charge to thousands of patients each year.

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The Bridge Program provides academically qualified and need-based students from UEFTE with an opportunity to obtain a college education in Quito, Ecuador. In addition, tuition assistance, housing, tutoring and career counseling are provided to our students. The Program seeks to provide its students with more than just tuition and living expenses; it strives to develop both character and integrity that will guide the students as they move into their respective careers.

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