Expanding access to medicine and care
Each year, we treat between 4,000 and 5,000 patients during our medical mission trip. The majority of patients come from rural areas where healthcare is not accessible for many miles. Through field-based medicine and care from the heart, our team treats patients, performs procedures, provides them with care plans, and empowers them with guidance and resources to lead healthier lives.
It takes a dedicated, big-hearted village of donors and volunteers.
For months prior to the trip, we gather medicines and supplies, plan logistics, raise funds, and prepare for this undertaking.

When we arrive in Mindo, we set up pop-up clinics and welcome everyone from Mindo, and its surrounding towns, to come to be seen by one of our doctors and specialists. Every temporary clinic is set up with its respective doctor and assistant(s), and has the capacity to deliver patient privacy and effective, quality healthcare.
Doctors, Specialists & Nurses
Physicians provide a broad range of services and specialties.
Dental Clinics
Patients receive free cleanings and procedures from dentists.
Mental Health Counseling
Licensed psychologists provide counseling to adults and children.
Non-Medical Volunteers
Essential help with triage and logistics across various areas.
Medicines, Supplies & Vitamins
About 4 tons of medicines, supplies and hygiene kits transported and delivered. Over 200,000 adult, prenatal and children’s vitamins distributed.
Follow-Up Care
For patients with serious cases, we provide follow-up procedures and care.